Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gitmo Guys

2. Bel Bacha,Ahmed Bin Saleh.

Algerian national, used a forged passport to travel to France, then went directly to the Finsbury Park Mosque, spent his free time listening to Jihadist cheerleader Abu Hamza*, then he traveled to Afghanistan via a false passport facilitated by the Finsbury Park Mosque.

While in Afghanistan, he encountered Usama Bin Laden on two separate occasions and met and stayed with three al Qaida leaders while in Kabul and Jalalabad.

Fled Jalalabad for the mountains at the approach of Coalition forces.

Stated he did not want anything to do with an armed militant group (GIA), because” they were terrorist and very bad people.”

*”Sheik” of the Finsbury Park Mosque, who had lectured on “jihad”and “Martyrdom”, gave a sermon entitled “Call to Combat” after September 11 2001.
Terror Watch. The infamous Casio F-191w, this could earn you a ticket to Gitmo.


It's not that it was the only watch for sale in the al Qaida gift shop at Al-Farouq training camp, it is used by al Qaida to detonate IED's.

Retails for around $34.00, more than one Gitmo detainee was caught wearing one.

It's the little things.........

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gitmo Guys.

1.AL QahTani, Khalid Malluh Shayi, "Al Jilba"-First reported Jihadist activity in 1996, his name was found on the persons of Arab Mujahidin crossing from Bosnia to Croatia.

In 2000 he apparently heard a Fatwa from a certain Sheik Hamoud Al Uqqla, a Saudi cleric who advocated jihad against Americans and Jews, condoned the September 11th attacks and raised money for Osama BinLaden until his untimely demise in 2001, so he made his way to Afghanistan.

He came by way of Pakistan, receiving some training there, staying at Taliban safe houses, he was listed among al Queda members who were slated for tactics, artillery, security, sniper and anti-aircraft training.

He attended Al Farouq training camp, run by al Queda in Afghanistan.

He was sent to the front, at Kwawaja Ghar, where he guarded sleeping quarters for the Pakistani’s in the front line, he was shot in the arm by a sniper, and surrendered to the Northern Alliance at Mazar-e-Sharif.

His name appears with other al Queda members in captured documents.

During his incarceration, he has been cited for assault, hostile activity and harassment of guards on numerous occasions, and was cited for making a weapon.

The detainee states he did not fire his weapons at any people, did not know of the September 11th or any other attacks, and was in Afghanistan not to fight, but to receive weapons training, and to guard things.
Blogswarm: Captain Ed's Gitmo Project.
I was assigned to evaluate SOE 3, which includes the following information.
Hostile Acts
Confession Of Intent

I shall be posting a summary of each individual, there are 32 in total.

Monday, February 20, 2006

A disturbing and enlightening poll in the U.K which shows 40%the Muslim population in favor of Sharia law in Britain is a harbinger of the future the West can expect from the Muslim colonies within our countries.

The cowardice exhibited in the face of the recent “cartoon riots” can only serve to give hope to those seeking a separate existence and autonomy within European, and before long, American and Australian territory.

The imposition of Sharia, already well under way in Britain and I expect other European nations as well will come about from the use of the same tactics we have seen employed in the past two weeks against the Danes.

The clear intention, which has proven already proven successful is to use our Freedom and openness coupled with the odious Multicultural mindset of our collective pseudo-elites to gain concessions based upon “tolerance”, “fairness” and anti-racism rhetoric.

The process is much more advanced in the European theatre than here due to the differing approaches our societies take in regards to assimilation of immigrants.

The United States, as a country of immigrants, and a land of unbounded opportunity, (despite what Democrats may tell you) has more experience in taking other persons from different cultures and “Americanizing” them, less so in recent years thanks to the moral equivalency prevalent in our society, but nevertheless recognized as an important aspect in our immigration success, so the process is lagging that in Europe.

European Socialist states realized, to support their low birthrates and huge welfare states that they would need to import an underclass to support their aging populations and bloated welfare states, the unwisely allowed unfettered immigration from North Africa, and other Muslim dominated regions, the hegemony of a European Nation is far less able to absorb alien populations, it is the zero sum game of suborning one identity, either you are or you are not a Frenchman, or a Dane, or a Britain.

Given the nature of Islam, which is not so much an ethnic designation as a religious and cultural one and firmly rejects assimilation and absorption into any one nation sate, rather to a worldwide community of believers, American style “melting pot” immigration is unworkable.

In many European cities there is already a certain level of de-facto home rule in the Islamic areas, all they lack is official standing for the Sharia courts and coercive powers for the religious police and judges.

In instances like these, any concession is seen as weakness, small things like sexually segregated swimming pools access for Moslems will only lead to further demands to accede to their misogynistic practices, which they see as vital to preserving their way of life.
The cartoon riots have shown us a great deal about both Western and Islamic societies, cowardice on our part, and an overreaching absurd intolerance on theirs.

One thing is for certain, Islam and Western society are incompatible under these circumstances and it is foolish to try.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


The Palestinians had a choice, they could vote for the full blown raving lunatic killers of Hamas, or the more subtle, centrist appearing lunatic killers and corrupt kleptocrats of Fatah.

Understandably, they chose Hamas.

They will regret that choice but once, and that will be continuously.

They have chosen their fate, but I couldn't help but notice how their situation mirrors the plight of our own unfortunate Democrat party.

Well known man of the people, and failed presidential candidate John Kerry announced from the ski slopes of Davos, Switzerland, where the insufferably self important go to see and be seen, that he would be filibustering the Alito nomination.

His yodel was echoed by the lowing of the Bull Moose in heat of Ted Kennedy, well known Senator and degenerate.

Of course, Senator Kerry would have you believe that he was making a stand on principle, his was a valiant effort to save the Republic from the machinations of the sinister judge Alito and his obsession to create the Unitary Executive of every right-wingers dreams.

But the Argus-eyed blogosphere sees all, earlier that week Kerry had decided to begin posting, or telling a staffer to do so on a distasteful internet sewer catering to the deluded and venomous denizens of the moonbat wing of the Democrat party.

In Kerry's febrile imagination, he's the next President, and in an attempt to outflank the conventional wisdom candidate, the oh so centrist and triangulating Mrs.Clinton, he has made a bold move to capture the support, and money of the foaming at the mouth Democrat wing of the Democrat party.

Look for Kerry to veer even further to the left, while Clinton attempts to stride the center.

Leaving the Democrats in 08 with the choice between the raving lunatic Kerry and the corrupt kleptocrat Clinton.

And let me just say to various Democrat politicians and members of the Antique Media how impressed I am they have managed to not only parrot the phrase "Unitary Executive", but have sustained their use of it for almost three weeks.

They will do well, as long as no one asks them what it means, or asks Barbara Boxer how to spell it.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: Blog for Relief DayThursday, September 1,2005.

In conjunction with other Blogs, 391, at the moment, I am soliciting donations for the relief of Hurricane Katrina victims.

Different Blogs will choose a charity, I have chosen the Society of Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

SVdP Katrina link.

St. Vincent de Paul (1581-1660) was founder of the Congregation of the Mission, Daughters of Charity, Confraternities of Charity and Ladies of Charity. A man of deep faith, keen intellect and enormous creativity he has become known as the "The Apostle of Charity" and "Father of the Poor." His contributions to the training of priests and organizing parish missions and other services for the poor shaped our Church's role in the modern world.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is an international charity founded in 1833, it's origin in the United States goes back to Missouri in 1845.

All donations will go directly to to the Society's offices in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana,

Instapundit Round-Up.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

“‘Railroading Roberts' wanted to deny Legal representation to the Poor and Indigent!"

The second issue concerning the Legal Service Corporation and John Roberts comes about as a result of a request by Texans to abolish the L.S.C due to their relentless Liberal social- engineering –by- lawsuit.

Roberts penned a response on behalf of the White House Council, Fred Fielding, which could be contorted in the febrile imagination of your run of the mill Leftie along the lines of:

“Roberts supported Ronald Reagan’s slash and burn budget cuts against the poor, attempting to deprive them of legal representation, and packing the Legal Services Corporate board with Conservative Ideologues to protect the powerful from citizens speaking truth to power!”

The Legal Services Corporation is a Nixon era institution set up by congressional statute to “to promote equal access to the system of justice and improve opportunities for low-income people throughout the United States by making grants for the provision of high-quality civil legal assistance to those who would be otherwise unable to afford legal counsel."

Like many well meaning programs run by the Government or private institutions, it’s agenda was hijacked by left wing activists who then used it to promote their own ideas of “social justice, like the Endangered species Act and the E.P.A being used to stifle private development, or Boy's and Girl's clubs in New York being used as a slush fund for Air America.

The situation got so bad in Deaf Smith County in Texas, which in 1982 The Commissioners of that County, and several local legal associations wrote to President Reagan to complain, asking him to abolish the Legal Services Corporation.

They stated that instead of aiding the poor and indigent with legal assistance, the L.S.C in their county was instead “attempting to force their views of needed social change on local government.” And that they had “spent untold local funds defending ourselves in Federal Court in poorly founded cases.”

In response John Roberts drafted a letter on behalf of White House Council Fred F. Fielding, he writes “The President has…. often expressed concern about potential abuse in Legal Services programs” and he (the President) “proposed substantially greater reductions in federal funding…”and “The President has tried to appoint to the national Board persons who share his concerns that publicly funded legal assistance programs serve the needs of the indigent for legal counsel and do not become vehicles for political and social lobbying and other abuses of taxpayer dollars.”

The Legal Services Corporation is still in existance.
Box O' HillaryBox 31, Thomas (not Captain Ed) Morrissey Item One.

Legal Services Corporation, Et All. (Circa 1982)Appellants,
Howard H. Dana JR., Et All...Appellees

The Box, all sorts of things come in boxes, presents, shoes, Nantucket Red shirts, this one sat menacingly in a dark corner, a muffled rustling emanating from it's interior, I could not place the sound, hauntingly familiar, I drank another Guinness to fortify my courage and grasped the lid, it seemed cold, almost calculating and lifted it violently.

My heart jumped into my throat as I beheld the source of the dreaded sound, a swish, swish that could not be stopped, and to my horror I beheld............

A Pantsuit.

Forgive my week attempt at drama, but legal papers are mind-numbingly boring, the demented ravings of Paul Krugman or the spinsterly cattiness of Maureen Dowd would be preferable, if only for a laugh.

A synopsis of the case:

The crux of the matter is an appeal, specifically dealing with the question of "whether or not a District Court abused it's discretion by not granting a preliminary injunction to former members of the Board of Directors of The Legal Services Corporation ( which injunction would have permitted the former directors to serve on the Board in place of their successors ) on the grounds that the former Directors did not make a strong showing that they were likely to prevail on the merits of their claim that the Presidents recess appointment of their successors were invalid."

TheLegal Services Corporation is a Government agency that is "As defined by the Legal Services Corporation Act, LSC's mission is to promote equal access to the system of justice and improve opportunities for low-income people throughout the United States by making grants for the provision of high-quality civil legal assistance to those who would be otherwise unable to afford legal counsel."

The argument putt forth by the plaintiffs (a bunch of Carter holdovers, including one Hillary Rodham) is that the President did not have the authority to make recess appointments to this specific entity, they claimed that members of the board were not "officers of the United States" as the Constitution defined that term, and that they could only be appointed by the Advice and Consent of the Senate.

Seems simple, they were wrong, as the Court found, but nothing in D.C is simple, there's a twist.

The twist, in the usual Democrat fashion of insisting that rules apply to others and not to them, Hillary and her pals were themselves Carter recess appointments.

So I guess her argument was " we recess appointments deserve to keep our recess appointments because the President cannot make recess appointments."

Thank goodness the D.C Circuit Court, of which Robert Bork was a member was able to cut through this Gordian knot of Demo-lawyer-crat thinking and Hillary went on to bigger and better things.

Roberts’s involvement is unclear; his name was not listed as an Administration legal official participating in the conclusion.

Roberts does give his opinion of the Legal Services Corporation, in a letter.


Part 2 “‘Railroading Roberts' wanted to deny Legal representation to the Poor and Indigent!"
I forget which of the months is the cruelest, but August certainly deserves to be it.

Ungodly heat, extended vacations, if I never see, or wear Nantucket Red ever again to the end of my days, I'll depart this veil of tears a degree happier.


Hockey is back, which is a great thing as is Eklunds Hockey Rumors.

Nothing in the news has piqued my interest, I shan't debase myself to comment on the pathetic nonsense occurring outside the Presidents Ranch other than my preceding assessment.

Boredom, until Deus Ex Machina in the form of The Blogfather Hugh Hewitt, and his adopt a box of documents program, I have received Box 31, not the box 31 currently being reviewed by Captain Ed at Captains Quarters.

Thanks to Generalissimo Duane for being so quick to respond.

My box has Hillary.

Monday, July 18, 2005


In an apparent bid to prove Nancy Pelosi does not have a monopoly on monumental stupidity in the House of Representatives, Colorodo Congressman Tom Tancredo provides another gem in the embarrassment of riches for Al-Jazeera coming from Washington morons, by threatening to nuke Mecca or other Islamic Holy sites in retaliation for a catastrophic attack on the U.S.

Stupid,stupid stupid.

Major challenge in dealing with Isalamofascists is their lack of territory or a capitol in which to strike them. If they did, they would be dead now. Instead the cowards mix in with civilian populations in order to cause civilian casualties, and get what they think would be good p.r, they want to present an image of Americans wanting to kill all Muslims, and wage war on all Islamic countries, as opposed to those who are a threat, or may become a threat to us.

Tancredo's statement plays right into their hands, and those who condemn Ted Kennedy, Pat Lahey and Dick Durbin for their statements which give prophaganda points to our enemies had better do the same to Tancredo, although his motives may be different the outcome is the same.

Bomb Damascus, Bomb Tehran, that's where the enemy is, bomb Saudi Arabia flat, just don't touch the holy sites, our enemy does not lie there, and the deaths of innocent Muslims to avenge the death of innocent Americans will not kill the people we need to kill, and will make it more difficult to do so.