Monday, July 18, 2005


In an apparent bid to prove Nancy Pelosi does not have a monopoly on monumental stupidity in the House of Representatives, Colorodo Congressman Tom Tancredo provides another gem in the embarrassment of riches for Al-Jazeera coming from Washington morons, by threatening to nuke Mecca or other Islamic Holy sites in retaliation for a catastrophic attack on the U.S.

Stupid,stupid stupid.

Major challenge in dealing with Isalamofascists is their lack of territory or a capitol in which to strike them. If they did, they would be dead now. Instead the cowards mix in with civilian populations in order to cause civilian casualties, and get what they think would be good p.r, they want to present an image of Americans wanting to kill all Muslims, and wage war on all Islamic countries, as opposed to those who are a threat, or may become a threat to us.

Tancredo's statement plays right into their hands, and those who condemn Ted Kennedy, Pat Lahey and Dick Durbin for their statements which give prophaganda points to our enemies had better do the same to Tancredo, although his motives may be different the outcome is the same.

Bomb Damascus, Bomb Tehran, that's where the enemy is, bomb Saudi Arabia flat, just don't touch the holy sites, our enemy does not lie there, and the deaths of innocent Muslims to avenge the death of innocent Americans will not kill the people we need to kill, and will make it more difficult to do so.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Anniversary of the Execution of The Romanovs.

In 1918, the Royal Family of Russia, as well as four others associated with the Romanov court were gunned down in a cellar in Yekaterinburg, near the Urals, in Russia.

The Bolsheviks shot, and in some re-shot The Tsar Nicholas, his Wife Tsarina Alexandra and their five children, four girls, and one boy.

If you are so inclined read The Last Tsar:The Life and Death of Nicholas the Second, I read it years ago.

I cannot help but feel profound disgust for those who killed them, Nicholas was neither good, nor bad. He wasn't much of anything at all.

An accident of birth, he was unsuited for the job, he was Kerrylike in his indecision, people did horrible things in his name, things he never would have done himself.

Contrast that with the bloodthirsty lunatics who followed him, both Lenin and Stalin wallowed in death, mass murder and starvation were tools to be used, by them, for them.

The Royal family managed to take some of their jewels with them to their death-house, diamonds were hidden in the corsets of the girls, when they were shot the first time the bullets just bounced off.

Head shots.

A terrorist drives his explosive laden vehicle into a group of Iraqi children who were committing the awful crime of taking candy from American soldiers, a little boy and young girls are gunned down in a Russian cellar.

Americans should be proud to have such enemies, they are what we are not, and can never be.

And Ted Kennedy and Dick Durbin will never make it so, no matter how hard they try.

This just in!

Ted Kennedy to probe Gitmo Lingerie Torture.


I hear he's driving over.
How relentlessly P.C. is the New York Times?

I followed a link to the John Tierney article, "Where's the Newt?", fantastic article,read it, now!

Of course you have to create an account, which involves the usual e-mail surrender as well as personal questions, ( the N.Y. Times cares about you.), like gender income etc.

Being petty and small minded as I am, I of course lie, although since the New York times lies to me all the time it may be justified on some level.

I wanted to fit in so I decided to create a profile as a would be suicide bomber, my security question-"what's your favorite book", why the Holy Qu'ran, of course, job title-clergy, I guess the Times does not consider Jihad a job, Infidel dogs!, Industry-religion, assembly line terror, it's a growth industry!

Then there was location, I wanted Pakistan because that's where the best Madrassas are. I don't know what creeping vine is the Middle East equivalent of Ivy, but the walls must be festooned with it in Karachi, but then I saw "Palestinian territories-Occupied."

Interesting, apparently these "Palestinian territories" of which they speak are the only in the world currently under occupation, since no other place was so designated.

The problem I have with this is every other place named seemed to be a definable sovereign state, or a territory thereof, and I happen to know that Palestine is not a country, and with the way Abbas is handling things it never will be.

What Israel is currently occupying are lands formerly belonging to various Arab countries, like Egypt, Syria and Jordan that lost them after they declared war on Israel and were promptly bitch-slapped back home.

The Arab armies told the local Arabs to clear out so they could have plenty of room to slaughter Jews, which they did and when things didn't quite go as planned they became the worlds first permanent refugees.

Yes, in most instances refugees who are born in foreign countries and live there for a generation or so are absorbed into that nation, but not the Palestinians, and purposely so.

Leaving aside the "there goes the neighborhood" quotient, in this case literally given the annoying habit of Palestinians to explode in their constant search for 72 raisins of exquisite clarity, they are kept as permanent refugees by other Arab states, and our friends The U.N. to provide valuable propaganda material against Israel, and help prevent Global Warming by keeping the bus population under control.

These Palestinians have a country, whichever one they were part of before the ill fated Arab wars, it's just that they can't be allowed back because they are the stick Arab countries, the U.N. and various lefties can use to beat Israel over the head.

The Times just swallows this whole.
No problem, Bob.

If as many claim Valerie Plame was covert, why did the C.I.A. not take concrete steps to stop Robert Novak from publishing her name?

Novak contacted the C.I.A., as a responsible journalist should, and asked them if his naming her in an upcoming column, the one that created this tempest in a teapot, and asked them if he could.

The C.I.A's response was to give him the green light.

What can we discern from this?, let's ask our panel, gathered from average folks across the political spectrum.

Unwashed Leftist, what are your "feelings" about this?

"Obviously the evil C.I.A was working hand in glove with the Bush Regime in their plan to smear these two great American heroes who exposed their lies, she was probably undercover at Diebold uncovering how touchscreen voting machine convert every vote for Kerry into a vote for Bush, her cover was blown and Bushco. stole the election,again!

Mr.Moderate, any thoughts?

"what's a Plame?"

How about you, gun toting fundamentalist Christian?

" she wasn't undercover"

You all make excellent points, let me pose a hypothetical question.

What if the C.I.A knowing Wilson was lying about being sent to Niger by the V.P., and knowing that it was actually his wife, a C.I.A. employee who got him the job, and that Novak knew it, they decided not to bother because she was being exposed and they did not want to appear to be covering up a case of nepotism and misconduct.

Your response?

Unwashed leftist, your reaction please

" got any pot?"



Gun toting evangelical guy?

" screw this, I have to go kill a large mammal for my militias pot luck supper"
Who's to Plame?
She is, the more you examine Valerie Plame's actions in this ridiculous episode the worse she looks.

We have the two examples of nepotism practiced by her in sending her husband off to Niger despite his lack of qualifications in the areas of intelligence gathering and W.M.D.

Nepotism, while unpleasant, (especially when you yourself don't benefit from it) is a way of life if you're from Boston and happen to be Irish. It usually takes such benign forms as some deadbeat relative of a local politician or State government being hired by the M.D.C to make sure the ice at the skating rinks stay cold, or as a toll taker on the Mass.Pike.

But at the C.I.A? I thought they were involved in important matters like kidnapping terrorist in Italy, or inventing the a.i.d.s virus or smuggling cocaine. The first rule of nepotism hiring is out of sight, out of mind the last thing you want is the ne'er do well relative of yours fouling something up and having the uncomfortable " who hired this moron" question asked. Although Nepotism would explain how Bay of Pigs went so wrong, Teddy forget to gas up the Olds for the 90 mile drive from Miami to Cuba, and the Rebels ran out of Scotch and floozies well ahead of schedule.

But it was the "who hired this moron" question that is the genesis of Nadagate, as John Tierney of the New York Times so aptly named it.

The who is Valerie Plame, the moron is Joe Wilson who's only discernible talents are in garnering publicity and keeping a straight face while lying. Who, in their right mind would send a rank amateur with exibitionist tendencies on an errand which could have serious ramifications on National security and policy issues?

Someone who wanted a specific result from the Niger "investigation" that's who, Valerie dispatched her dimwit husband to Niger to investigate a report of Iraq trying to buy yellowcake that she deemed "crazy. Any person in Wilson's position, which was mostly horizontal on the couch watching Opera between jaunts to Africa arranged by his wife, would know, she- who- must- be- obeyed wanted him to discredit the Niger-Iraq yellowcake report, no matter what he found, and that is just what he did.

The lefts bad guy in this is Karl Rove, who it seems is being vindicated at an alarmingly rapid pace, the right points to Joe Wilson.

To me it's neither the evil genius nor the amiable dunce, but the desk bound mid level Langley soccer mom, the photogenic and apparently mute proto-martyr Valerie Plame.

She dispatched her houseboy on a mission to discredit the administration, she sat knowingly by when he was the Liberal media's flavor-of-the-month and allowed him to lie about how he was dispatched by Dick Cheney, when she knew different, and he lied about a host of other issues, including the Iraq yellowcake connection, the Italian forgeries timeline and a host of other deceptions, including her status as a "covert" agent, which she certainly was not.

Why haven't the intrepid truth seekers of the exempt media bothered to ask her one simple question?

I don't think after two glamour shots in Vanity Fair she could credibly claim she can't answer question based on shyness or fear of being identified.

"Hey Val,were you a covert agent, in the sense of the law that is the crux of the grand jury investigation?"

A simple yes or no answer would suffice.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Chuck Schumer: "It Sucks To Be Me"

You know your scraping the bottom of the Washington media barrel when you have to ride on the ridiculous fraud Joe Wilson's coat tails to get some face time.

Your Chuck Schumer, your life is one constant attempt to get attention, any attention.

You are constantly reminding people that you are the (chronologically) Senior Senator from New York.

You are running to escape a shadow, not your own, but a much larger, pantsuited one, and you know you'll never make it.
War on terror Myths I'm sick of hearing.

We (the U.S) created Bin Laden.

Nonsense, I don't base this on any third party sources, no links to websites to back up my position, this is first hand knowledge.

In the late Nineties, I worked for a company which was engaged by a member of the Saudi Royal family to do work here in the greater Boston area.

He was a prince, which is not nearly as impressive as it sounds there are tens of thousands of Saudi Princes on the loose, and as a prince he had body guards, these body guards and I as well and some of the servants would often have tea in the small guest house on the property, which was used as servants quarters, the guards were Saudi's, the servants mostly Yemeni's, all fluent in English, I liked them all, they were well mannered and very hospitable.

One day our conversation for some reason veered in the direction of Afghanistan, and the war against Russia, in which one of the bodyguards saw combat. Thinking we could have a moment of solidarity I made a statement to the effect of " we helped you guy's", the bridge between cultures promptly collapsed in to the river of good feelings with the Guard becoming visibly agitated and pointing what I assume was his trigger finger towards my face declared "we took nothing from you!"

He went on to explain that there were essentially two groups of forces fighting the Russians, the indigenous Afghan Mujahadeen, who we did supply, most notably with Stinger missiles, and an "Arab" contingent comprised of recruits from the Gulf states, like Saudi Arabia, including Bin Laden, who were solely supplied and financed by wealthy Saudi and other well to do Gulf state Arabs, like the Bin Ladens.

It was a point of pride that they did not accept money from the United States, and given their generally dim view of us, it makes perfect sense.

This ties in with another G.W.O.T myth "Osama would never cooperate with Saddam, because Saddam was a secular Muslim, and Osama was a fundamentalist."

You usually hear this myth as a corollary to the first, and for some reason those who breathe the rarefied air of the "reality based community" never really seem to realize that if Osama wouldn't take money or assistance from Saddam because he was not Muslim enough, why would he accept money and aid from the" Great Satan", who isn't Muslim at all?

unfortunately, this is a point not nearly nuanced enough for your average lefty and whatever you do don't mention the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact as an example of ideological enemies working together to their mutual benefit, they usually say " the Russians fought the Germans in the Second world war" and think they won the argument.

And don't mention any of this either The Mother of All Connections ,Stephen Hayes, The Weekly Standard.

Although Liberals have through natural selection( at least those luckily enough not to have been aborted) adapted the remarkable ability to ignore anything which conflicts their narrow, small minded world view, large amounts of facts such as contained in the above mentioned article do cause spontaneous combustion and the stench of burning dreadlocks, unwashed armpit hair and Birkenstocks is truly awful, the smell is even worse if it's a male liberal.

The latest, and equally specious myth " the war in Iraq is creating terrorists." Again this is usually found along with myth two, in the shape of "there were not any terrorists in Iraq before we invaded!" (a deeply insulted Abu Nidal could not be reached for comment.)

We heard this mantra for quite some time, it was a talking point waiting for an event and the 7/7 bombings provided the pole for this cheap floozy of logic to gyrate upon, the pathetic Washington Post exclaimed through some type of trans-Atlantic recently atomized suicide bomber mind - meld that the psycotics who murdered complete strangers who were offending the prophet by going to work in the morning were "irate" over Britain's involvement in Iraq.

You see it's very simple, fighting terrorism creates terrorism, so if you don't fight it their won't be any, until there is an attack, then you can fight it but only if everyone agrees.

The French, for some reason are vital to this formula, if they give you the nod, like Afghanistan, most likely your fighting terrorism won't result in more terrorism, unlike Iraq, where their disagreement means it most likely will.

Being simple minded, I ask the question "if these British Muslims were so irate, why didn't they blow themselves up in Iraq?"

It seems some of them had recently gone to Pakistan, and I'm sure their irritation was such that it could have easily led them to Saudi Arabia, or Syria and into Iraq, on the Syrian visa application if you check the box marked "Jihad" ( it's between bookishness and tourism) you move to the front of the line, and other British Muslims have made the trip, so why not them?

I'll concede that our invasion of Iraq is a sore spot with the Islamofascist types but is you average Muslim in the street angry enough about a blood thirsty dictator who murdered millions of his fellow Muslims to be driven to murder, and their own death by it?

There are many roads to terrorism, whether it be a madrassa in Karachi, or a Mosque in Leeds, or a middle class existence in Cairo, like Mohammed Atta, the basic building material is hate, without it nothing else is possible, and that hatred needs fuel, you need to be taught very well to be fluent enough in the language of hatred to end your own life to kill strangers, is the Iraq war a fuel to the fire yes, but someone has to light it first.

Don't take my word for it, listen to the psychopath welfare lay about who Killed Theo Van Gogh:

"I did what I did purely out my beliefs" the 27-year-old Muslim told judges after entering court clutching a Quran. "I want you to know that I acted out of conviction and not that I took his life because he was Dutch or because I was Moroccan and felt insultedted."

Good thing he hadn't heard about Iraq, or things could have gotten ugly.
Carl Rove and His Giant White Hat.

Who's the bad ( or gal) guy in this sorry saga of Joe Wilson, Mrs Wilson and Karl Rove?

The chances are infinitesimal that Rove will be charged with a crime, much lees convicted of one. As evidenced by the Democrats quick shift from calling for his resignation for outing Plame to the fall back of "dishonesty" towards the President, Karl Rove is guilty of one thing.

Telling the truth.

The contents of the e-mail disclosed by newsboy Matthew Cooper, revealed that in a conversation initiated by Cooper, ostensibly about welfare reform, which switched to the topic of media flavor-of-the-month Joe Wilson and his fictional travelogue of his trip to Niger and what he didn't, or at least thought he didn't find,Rove warned him "not to get too far out" on the Wilson story.

Rove was right, Wilson's story was completely discredited, he gave Cooper the benefit of his knowledge that Wilson had lied about his being dispatched to drink sweet tea y the pool at the Niamey Hilton, and ask the odd question, in French, of his pals in the Nigerland government by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Wilson was dispatched by the W.M.D proliferation department of the C.I.A, where his wife worked, she had recommended him based upon his knowledge of local pols and the French language, both of which he may have picked up on a previous trip in 1999, at the recommendation of his wife.

Rove knew Wilson was lying about being sent by Cheney he told Cooper, who churlishly repaid Karl's kindness by distorting what he said in the slightly more intelligent older sibling of People magazine, Time.

So we know Wilson lied, a lot, what about super secret agent Valerie Plame?
She knew he was lying about who sent him gadflying about the sub-Sahara, doesn't she have the obligation, as a government employee, to point that out, husband or no husband?

Instead she let the lie stand, and it is the unraveling of that lie which led to Novak's column, his lies about the genesis of "the sixteen words", forged documents, and others would not have necessarily led to his wife, but falsely claiming the V.P sent him surely would.

No lie about Cheney, no connection to her no "outing" of a "covert agent", these people are victims of their own deceptions, quite frankly either they were to stupid to think anyone would find out, or just didn't care.

In any case, I have a difficult time finding sympathy for people who are victims of their own dishonesty, and even less since it is patently obvious that they are both just cheap media whores and the thought she was ever in any real danger is laughable, unless that two page spread in Vanity Fair is a new C.I.A hide in plain sight, or Jaguar as the case may be tactic to throw off the legion of foreign assassins who are addicted to the musings of curmudgeonly Paleo-cons.

Medal for Rove, for being the only guy in room telling the truth.

Hopefully "runaway" or "crusading" prosecutor Fitzgerald (The New York Times keeps confusing me about which type he is) will slap an indictment on this mullett headed fraud Wilson, and the ducking stool for his equally distasteful wife.