Thursday, July 14, 2005

Carl Rove and His Giant White Hat.

Who's the bad ( or gal) guy in this sorry saga of Joe Wilson, Mrs Wilson and Karl Rove?

The chances are infinitesimal that Rove will be charged with a crime, much lees convicted of one. As evidenced by the Democrats quick shift from calling for his resignation for outing Plame to the fall back of "dishonesty" towards the President, Karl Rove is guilty of one thing.

Telling the truth.

The contents of the e-mail disclosed by newsboy Matthew Cooper, revealed that in a conversation initiated by Cooper, ostensibly about welfare reform, which switched to the topic of media flavor-of-the-month Joe Wilson and his fictional travelogue of his trip to Niger and what he didn't, or at least thought he didn't find,Rove warned him "not to get too far out" on the Wilson story.

Rove was right, Wilson's story was completely discredited, he gave Cooper the benefit of his knowledge that Wilson had lied about his being dispatched to drink sweet tea y the pool at the Niamey Hilton, and ask the odd question, in French, of his pals in the Nigerland government by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Wilson was dispatched by the W.M.D proliferation department of the C.I.A, where his wife worked, she had recommended him based upon his knowledge of local pols and the French language, both of which he may have picked up on a previous trip in 1999, at the recommendation of his wife.

Rove knew Wilson was lying about being sent by Cheney he told Cooper, who churlishly repaid Karl's kindness by distorting what he said in the slightly more intelligent older sibling of People magazine, Time.

So we know Wilson lied, a lot, what about super secret agent Valerie Plame?
She knew he was lying about who sent him gadflying about the sub-Sahara, doesn't she have the obligation, as a government employee, to point that out, husband or no husband?

Instead she let the lie stand, and it is the unraveling of that lie which led to Novak's column, his lies about the genesis of "the sixteen words", forged documents, and others would not have necessarily led to his wife, but falsely claiming the V.P sent him surely would.

No lie about Cheney, no connection to her no "outing" of a "covert agent", these people are victims of their own deceptions, quite frankly either they were to stupid to think anyone would find out, or just didn't care.

In any case, I have a difficult time finding sympathy for people who are victims of their own dishonesty, and even less since it is patently obvious that they are both just cheap media whores and the thought she was ever in any real danger is laughable, unless that two page spread in Vanity Fair is a new C.I.A hide in plain sight, or Jaguar as the case may be tactic to throw off the legion of foreign assassins who are addicted to the musings of curmudgeonly Paleo-cons.

Medal for Rove, for being the only guy in room telling the truth.

Hopefully "runaway" or "crusading" prosecutor Fitzgerald (The New York Times keeps confusing me about which type he is) will slap an indictment on this mullett headed fraud Wilson, and the ducking stool for his equally distasteful wife.


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