Saturday, July 16, 2005

How relentlessly P.C. is the New York Times?

I followed a link to the John Tierney article, "Where's the Newt?", fantastic article,read it, now!

Of course you have to create an account, which involves the usual e-mail surrender as well as personal questions, ( the N.Y. Times cares about you.), like gender income etc.

Being petty and small minded as I am, I of course lie, although since the New York times lies to me all the time it may be justified on some level.

I wanted to fit in so I decided to create a profile as a would be suicide bomber, my security question-"what's your favorite book", why the Holy Qu'ran, of course, job title-clergy, I guess the Times does not consider Jihad a job, Infidel dogs!, Industry-religion, assembly line terror, it's a growth industry!

Then there was location, I wanted Pakistan because that's where the best Madrassas are. I don't know what creeping vine is the Middle East equivalent of Ivy, but the walls must be festooned with it in Karachi, but then I saw "Palestinian territories-Occupied."

Interesting, apparently these "Palestinian territories" of which they speak are the only in the world currently under occupation, since no other place was so designated.

The problem I have with this is every other place named seemed to be a definable sovereign state, or a territory thereof, and I happen to know that Palestine is not a country, and with the way Abbas is handling things it never will be.

What Israel is currently occupying are lands formerly belonging to various Arab countries, like Egypt, Syria and Jordan that lost them after they declared war on Israel and were promptly bitch-slapped back home.

The Arab armies told the local Arabs to clear out so they could have plenty of room to slaughter Jews, which they did and when things didn't quite go as planned they became the worlds first permanent refugees.

Yes, in most instances refugees who are born in foreign countries and live there for a generation or so are absorbed into that nation, but not the Palestinians, and purposely so.

Leaving aside the "there goes the neighborhood" quotient, in this case literally given the annoying habit of Palestinians to explode in their constant search for 72 raisins of exquisite clarity, they are kept as permanent refugees by other Arab states, and our friends The U.N. to provide valuable propaganda material against Israel, and help prevent Global Warming by keeping the bus population under control.

These Palestinians have a country, whichever one they were part of before the ill fated Arab wars, it's just that they can't be allowed back because they are the stick Arab countries, the U.N. and various lefties can use to beat Israel over the head.

The Times just swallows this whole.


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