Saturday, July 16, 2005

No problem, Bob.

If as many claim Valerie Plame was covert, why did the C.I.A. not take concrete steps to stop Robert Novak from publishing her name?

Novak contacted the C.I.A., as a responsible journalist should, and asked them if his naming her in an upcoming column, the one that created this tempest in a teapot, and asked them if he could.

The C.I.A's response was to give him the green light.

What can we discern from this?, let's ask our panel, gathered from average folks across the political spectrum.

Unwashed Leftist, what are your "feelings" about this?

"Obviously the evil C.I.A was working hand in glove with the Bush Regime in their plan to smear these two great American heroes who exposed their lies, she was probably undercover at Diebold uncovering how touchscreen voting machine convert every vote for Kerry into a vote for Bush, her cover was blown and Bushco. stole the election,again!

Mr.Moderate, any thoughts?

"what's a Plame?"

How about you, gun toting fundamentalist Christian?

" she wasn't undercover"

You all make excellent points, let me pose a hypothetical question.

What if the C.I.A knowing Wilson was lying about being sent to Niger by the V.P., and knowing that it was actually his wife, a C.I.A. employee who got him the job, and that Novak knew it, they decided not to bother because she was being exposed and they did not want to appear to be covering up a case of nepotism and misconduct.

Your response?

Unwashed leftist, your reaction please

" got any pot?"



Gun toting evangelical guy?

" screw this, I have to go kill a large mammal for my militias pot luck supper"


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