Monday, July 18, 2005


In an apparent bid to prove Nancy Pelosi does not have a monopoly on monumental stupidity in the House of Representatives, Colorodo Congressman Tom Tancredo provides another gem in the embarrassment of riches for Al-Jazeera coming from Washington morons, by threatening to nuke Mecca or other Islamic Holy sites in retaliation for a catastrophic attack on the U.S.

Stupid,stupid stupid.

Major challenge in dealing with Isalamofascists is their lack of territory or a capitol in which to strike them. If they did, they would be dead now. Instead the cowards mix in with civilian populations in order to cause civilian casualties, and get what they think would be good p.r, they want to present an image of Americans wanting to kill all Muslims, and wage war on all Islamic countries, as opposed to those who are a threat, or may become a threat to us.

Tancredo's statement plays right into their hands, and those who condemn Ted Kennedy, Pat Lahey and Dick Durbin for their statements which give prophaganda points to our enemies had better do the same to Tancredo, although his motives may be different the outcome is the same.

Bomb Damascus, Bomb Tehran, that's where the enemy is, bomb Saudi Arabia flat, just don't touch the holy sites, our enemy does not lie there, and the deaths of innocent Muslims to avenge the death of innocent Americans will not kill the people we need to kill, and will make it more difficult to do so.


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