Saturday, July 16, 2005

Who's to Plame?
She is, the more you examine Valerie Plame's actions in this ridiculous episode the worse she looks.

We have the two examples of nepotism practiced by her in sending her husband off to Niger despite his lack of qualifications in the areas of intelligence gathering and W.M.D.

Nepotism, while unpleasant, (especially when you yourself don't benefit from it) is a way of life if you're from Boston and happen to be Irish. It usually takes such benign forms as some deadbeat relative of a local politician or State government being hired by the M.D.C to make sure the ice at the skating rinks stay cold, or as a toll taker on the Mass.Pike.

But at the C.I.A? I thought they were involved in important matters like kidnapping terrorist in Italy, or inventing the a.i.d.s virus or smuggling cocaine. The first rule of nepotism hiring is out of sight, out of mind the last thing you want is the ne'er do well relative of yours fouling something up and having the uncomfortable " who hired this moron" question asked. Although Nepotism would explain how Bay of Pigs went so wrong, Teddy forget to gas up the Olds for the 90 mile drive from Miami to Cuba, and the Rebels ran out of Scotch and floozies well ahead of schedule.

But it was the "who hired this moron" question that is the genesis of Nadagate, as John Tierney of the New York Times so aptly named it.

The who is Valerie Plame, the moron is Joe Wilson who's only discernible talents are in garnering publicity and keeping a straight face while lying. Who, in their right mind would send a rank amateur with exibitionist tendencies on an errand which could have serious ramifications on National security and policy issues?

Someone who wanted a specific result from the Niger "investigation" that's who, Valerie dispatched her dimwit husband to Niger to investigate a report of Iraq trying to buy yellowcake that she deemed "crazy. Any person in Wilson's position, which was mostly horizontal on the couch watching Opera between jaunts to Africa arranged by his wife, would know, she- who- must- be- obeyed wanted him to discredit the Niger-Iraq yellowcake report, no matter what he found, and that is just what he did.

The lefts bad guy in this is Karl Rove, who it seems is being vindicated at an alarmingly rapid pace, the right points to Joe Wilson.

To me it's neither the evil genius nor the amiable dunce, but the desk bound mid level Langley soccer mom, the photogenic and apparently mute proto-martyr Valerie Plame.

She dispatched her houseboy on a mission to discredit the administration, she sat knowingly by when he was the Liberal media's flavor-of-the-month and allowed him to lie about how he was dispatched by Dick Cheney, when she knew different, and he lied about a host of other issues, including the Iraq yellowcake connection, the Italian forgeries timeline and a host of other deceptions, including her status as a "covert" agent, which she certainly was not.

Why haven't the intrepid truth seekers of the exempt media bothered to ask her one simple question?

I don't think after two glamour shots in Vanity Fair she could credibly claim she can't answer question based on shyness or fear of being identified.

"Hey Val,were you a covert agent, in the sense of the law that is the crux of the grand jury investigation?"

A simple yes or no answer would suffice.


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