Sunday, August 21, 2005

“‘Railroading Roberts' wanted to deny Legal representation to the Poor and Indigent!"

The second issue concerning the Legal Service Corporation and John Roberts comes about as a result of a request by Texans to abolish the L.S.C due to their relentless Liberal social- engineering –by- lawsuit.

Roberts penned a response on behalf of the White House Council, Fred Fielding, which could be contorted in the febrile imagination of your run of the mill Leftie along the lines of:

“Roberts supported Ronald Reagan’s slash and burn budget cuts against the poor, attempting to deprive them of legal representation, and packing the Legal Services Corporate board with Conservative Ideologues to protect the powerful from citizens speaking truth to power!”

The Legal Services Corporation is a Nixon era institution set up by congressional statute to “to promote equal access to the system of justice and improve opportunities for low-income people throughout the United States by making grants for the provision of high-quality civil legal assistance to those who would be otherwise unable to afford legal counsel."

Like many well meaning programs run by the Government or private institutions, it’s agenda was hijacked by left wing activists who then used it to promote their own ideas of “social justice, like the Endangered species Act and the E.P.A being used to stifle private development, or Boy's and Girl's clubs in New York being used as a slush fund for Air America.

The situation got so bad in Deaf Smith County in Texas, which in 1982 The Commissioners of that County, and several local legal associations wrote to President Reagan to complain, asking him to abolish the Legal Services Corporation.

They stated that instead of aiding the poor and indigent with legal assistance, the L.S.C in their county was instead “attempting to force their views of needed social change on local government.” And that they had “spent untold local funds defending ourselves in Federal Court in poorly founded cases.”

In response John Roberts drafted a letter on behalf of White House Council Fred F. Fielding, he writes “The President has…. often expressed concern about potential abuse in Legal Services programs” and he (the President) “proposed substantially greater reductions in federal funding…”and “The President has tried to appoint to the national Board persons who share his concerns that publicly funded legal assistance programs serve the needs of the indigent for legal counsel and do not become vehicles for political and social lobbying and other abuses of taxpayer dollars.”

The Legal Services Corporation is still in existance.


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