Sunday, January 29, 2006


The Palestinians had a choice, they could vote for the full blown raving lunatic killers of Hamas, or the more subtle, centrist appearing lunatic killers and corrupt kleptocrats of Fatah.

Understandably, they chose Hamas.

They will regret that choice but once, and that will be continuously.

They have chosen their fate, but I couldn't help but notice how their situation mirrors the plight of our own unfortunate Democrat party.

Well known man of the people, and failed presidential candidate John Kerry announced from the ski slopes of Davos, Switzerland, where the insufferably self important go to see and be seen, that he would be filibustering the Alito nomination.

His yodel was echoed by the lowing of the Bull Moose in heat of Ted Kennedy, well known Senator and degenerate.

Of course, Senator Kerry would have you believe that he was making a stand on principle, his was a valiant effort to save the Republic from the machinations of the sinister judge Alito and his obsession to create the Unitary Executive of every right-wingers dreams.

But the Argus-eyed blogosphere sees all, earlier that week Kerry had decided to begin posting, or telling a staffer to do so on a distasteful internet sewer catering to the deluded and venomous denizens of the moonbat wing of the Democrat party.

In Kerry's febrile imagination, he's the next President, and in an attempt to outflank the conventional wisdom candidate, the oh so centrist and triangulating Mrs.Clinton, he has made a bold move to capture the support, and money of the foaming at the mouth Democrat wing of the Democrat party.

Look for Kerry to veer even further to the left, while Clinton attempts to stride the center.

Leaving the Democrats in 08 with the choice between the raving lunatic Kerry and the corrupt kleptocrat Clinton.

And let me just say to various Democrat politicians and members of the Antique Media how impressed I am they have managed to not only parrot the phrase "Unitary Executive", but have sustained their use of it for almost three weeks.

They will do well, as long as no one asks them what it means, or asks Barbara Boxer how to spell it.


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