Monday, February 20, 2006

A disturbing and enlightening poll in the U.K which shows 40%the Muslim population in favor of Sharia law in Britain is a harbinger of the future the West can expect from the Muslim colonies within our countries.

The cowardice exhibited in the face of the recent “cartoon riots” can only serve to give hope to those seeking a separate existence and autonomy within European, and before long, American and Australian territory.

The imposition of Sharia, already well under way in Britain and I expect other European nations as well will come about from the use of the same tactics we have seen employed in the past two weeks against the Danes.

The clear intention, which has proven already proven successful is to use our Freedom and openness coupled with the odious Multicultural mindset of our collective pseudo-elites to gain concessions based upon “tolerance”, “fairness” and anti-racism rhetoric.

The process is much more advanced in the European theatre than here due to the differing approaches our societies take in regards to assimilation of immigrants.

The United States, as a country of immigrants, and a land of unbounded opportunity, (despite what Democrats may tell you) has more experience in taking other persons from different cultures and “Americanizing” them, less so in recent years thanks to the moral equivalency prevalent in our society, but nevertheless recognized as an important aspect in our immigration success, so the process is lagging that in Europe.

European Socialist states realized, to support their low birthrates and huge welfare states that they would need to import an underclass to support their aging populations and bloated welfare states, the unwisely allowed unfettered immigration from North Africa, and other Muslim dominated regions, the hegemony of a European Nation is far less able to absorb alien populations, it is the zero sum game of suborning one identity, either you are or you are not a Frenchman, or a Dane, or a Britain.

Given the nature of Islam, which is not so much an ethnic designation as a religious and cultural one and firmly rejects assimilation and absorption into any one nation sate, rather to a worldwide community of believers, American style “melting pot” immigration is unworkable.

In many European cities there is already a certain level of de-facto home rule in the Islamic areas, all they lack is official standing for the Sharia courts and coercive powers for the religious police and judges.

In instances like these, any concession is seen as weakness, small things like sexually segregated swimming pools access for Moslems will only lead to further demands to accede to their misogynistic practices, which they see as vital to preserving their way of life.
The cartoon riots have shown us a great deal about both Western and Islamic societies, cowardice on our part, and an overreaching absurd intolerance on theirs.

One thing is for certain, Islam and Western society are incompatible under these circumstances and it is foolish to try.