Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gitmo Guys

2. Bel Bacha,Ahmed Bin Saleh.

Algerian national, used a forged passport to travel to France, then went directly to the Finsbury Park Mosque, spent his free time listening to Jihadist cheerleader Abu Hamza*, then he traveled to Afghanistan via a false passport facilitated by the Finsbury Park Mosque.

While in Afghanistan, he encountered Usama Bin Laden on two separate occasions and met and stayed with three al Qaida leaders while in Kabul and Jalalabad.

Fled Jalalabad for the mountains at the approach of Coalition forces.

Stated he did not want anything to do with an armed militant group (GIA), because” they were terrorist and very bad people.”

*”Sheik” of the Finsbury Park Mosque, who had lectured on “jihad”and “Martyrdom”, gave a sermon entitled “Call to Combat” after September 11 2001.


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