Sunday, March 05, 2006

Gitmo Guys.

1.AL QahTani, Khalid Malluh Shayi, "Al Jilba"-First reported Jihadist activity in 1996, his name was found on the persons of Arab Mujahidin crossing from Bosnia to Croatia.

In 2000 he apparently heard a Fatwa from a certain Sheik Hamoud Al Uqqla, a Saudi cleric who advocated jihad against Americans and Jews, condoned the September 11th attacks and raised money for Osama BinLaden until his untimely demise in 2001, so he made his way to Afghanistan.

He came by way of Pakistan, receiving some training there, staying at Taliban safe houses, he was listed among al Queda members who were slated for tactics, artillery, security, sniper and anti-aircraft training.

He attended Al Farouq training camp, run by al Queda in Afghanistan.

He was sent to the front, at Kwawaja Ghar, where he guarded sleeping quarters for the Pakistani’s in the front line, he was shot in the arm by a sniper, and surrendered to the Northern Alliance at Mazar-e-Sharif.

His name appears with other al Queda members in captured documents.

During his incarceration, he has been cited for assault, hostile activity and harassment of guards on numerous occasions, and was cited for making a weapon.

The detainee states he did not fire his weapons at any people, did not know of the September 11th or any other attacks, and was in Afghanistan not to fight, but to receive weapons training, and to guard things.


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